Lesson 2: Pronouns (First Form)

There are two basic forms of the pronouns in Kurdish. In this lesson we will learn the first form. For the grammar geeks, this is called the nominative form, but on this site we’ll simply call it the first form.

I Ez
You Tu
He, She, It Ew
We Em
You Hûn
They Ew
Personal Pronouns First FormListen to the Pronouns 

A Couple of Points to Note

  1. The third person singular and plural are exactly the same in the first form. The difference becomes clear when they are used in a sentence.
  2. He, She, and It are the same in the first form. However, in the second form they are different because Kurdish has gender, which we will discuss in Lesson 7 and Lesson 8.

The Dersa Kurdî videos on YouTube have some helpful content. In each video there is some conversation that is far above the level of the lesson. However, watching parts of these will be helpful to reinforce the concepts being taught in our lessons here. Watch the excerpt below for repetition of personal pronouns. (The clip below runs from 6:29 to 10:15 in the lesson, but you can use the bar at the bottom to skip forward or backward in the video.)

You can review these words in various modes, and even create a test for yourself, by clicking on “Choose a Study Mode” at the bottom of the box. To create a test for yourself:

  1. Choose Test mode (from the bottom right of the box)
  2. Click “Options” at the top.
  3. Decide which kinds of questions, how many questions, and which language should come first.
  4. Click “Create Test.”
  5. Once you answer all questions, click submit and your test will be graded immediately.

For a short video explanation of these options, see this page.

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