Lesson 5: Numbers and Age

In Kurmanji there are some variations in spelling and pronunciation of numbers. In order to minimize confusion, we’ll only list a few here since the variations are normally not great.

The Numbers

1 yek
2 du (didu) *
3 sê (sisê) *
4 çar
5 pênc
6 şeş
7 heft
8 heşt
9 neh
10 deh
11 yazdeh
12 dozdeh
13 sêzdeh
14 çardeh
15 pazdeh
16 şazdeh
17 hivdeh (hevdeh)
18 hijdeh (hejdeh)
19 nozdeh
20 bîst
40 çil
50 pêncî
60 şêşt
70 heftê (heftî)
80 heştê (heştî)
90 nod/not
100 sed
1,000 hezar
1,000,000 milyon
1,000,000,000 milyar, bilyon

* For the numbers 2 and 3,  didu and sisê are typically used more when counting in order as in “one, two, three, etc.” However, when saying “three books,” you would say “sê pirtûk.”

Numbers 1 to 1Million Numbers 1 to 1 Million

Number Combinations

Now that we know the basic numbers, how do we make combinations of numbers? After the number 20, with a few exceptions, most number combinations are made by adding “û” between the numbers. Here are some examples:

21 bîst û yek
32 sî û du
43 çil û sê
54 pêncî û çar
65 şêşt û pênc
76 heftê û şeş
87 heştê û heft
98 nod û heşt
109 sed û neh
Number Combinations 1 Number Combinations 1

But, note that there is no û immediately before hundred, thousand, million, etc.:

200 du sed
3,000 sê hezar
100,000 sed hezar
5,000,000 pênc milyon
Number Combinations 2 Number Combinations 2

More Examples

26 bîst û şeş
71 heftê û yek
147 sed û çil û heft
682 şeş sed û heştê û du
999 neh sed û nod û neh
1,968 hezar û neh sed û şêşt û heşt
4,305 çar hezar û sê sed û pênc
7,893 heft hezar û heşt sed û nod û sê
232,458 du sed û sî û du hezar û çar sed û pêncî û heşt
540,725 pênc sed û çil hezar û heft sed û bîst û pênc
839,572 heşt sed û sî û neh hezar û pênc sed û heftê û du
1,615,149 milyon û şeş sed û pazdeh hezar û sed û çil û neh
Number Combinations 3 Number Combinations 3

Asking and Telling Age

Now that we know the “to be” verb and numbers, we know how to ask and tell age.

How old are you? Tu çend salî yî?
I am 25 years old. Ez bîst û pênc salî me.
How old is this boy? Ev law çend salî ye?
This boy is 12 years old. Ev law dozdeh salî ye.
How old are those girls? Ew keç çend salî ne?
Those girls are 18 years old. Ew keç hijdeh salî ne.
How old am I? Ez çend salî me?
I am 38 years old. Ez sî û heşt salî me.
How old is Serdar? Serdar çend salî ye?
Serdar is 42 years old. Serdar çil û du salî ye.
How old is that man? Ew zilam çend salî ye?
That man is 57 years old. Ew zilam pêncî û heft salî ye.
Asking and Telling Age Listen to the Examples

Check out the clip below for some audio-visual practice with numbers.

Remember that these Quizlet sets allow for lots of study and test options. For an explanation of these options, see this page. After you learn the numbers, go to the exercises tab.

Vocabulary Lesson 5 Vocabulary Lesson 5 Audio

Remember that these Quizlet sets allow for lots of study and test options. For an explanation of these options, see this page.

Exercise 1: Practice Numbers

Exercise 2: More Practice with Numbers

Exercise 3: Telling Age