Online Resources

Wîkîferheng — A very helpful online dictionary. In the top right box you can search for words in multiple languages and the site will give you the Kurmanji equivalent. The site also shows gender for nouns, verb stems, and at the bottom often gives the equivalent word in multiple languages.

Dersa Kurdî Video Course — A course of 60 videos all in Kurmanji. They are done in an entertaining style, but the explanations and discussion are all in Kurmanji, so they are not as helpful or efficient for beginners, but there are some useful elements.

Kurdî Hîn Dibim Video Course — Another set of videos all in Kurmanji. These are shot in a classroom setting and are all in Kurmanji.



A Basic Course in Modern Kurmanji by Peter Pikkert. A good little reference book that provides a brief overview of grammar forms with examples. Not a textbook or workbook.

Kurmanji Kurdish Reader by Deniz Ekici. A good source for basic to intermediate grammar. Provides examples with each grammar point. No exercises or workbook. One helpful element of the book is reading texts taken from Kurmanji sources along with a few notes on variant usages and a vocabulary list with each reading. One drawback is that the book is expensive. {The publisher’s site is currently offline}

Advanced Kurmanji Reader by Laura Shepherd. This work is quite advanced. Like the work above by Ekici, this book also provides readings from Kurmanji sources. Also quite expensive. {The publisher’s site is currently offline}