Learn Kurmanji Online

A comprehensive, online, free source for English speakers who want to learn Kurmanji Kurdish.

Our Approach

This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized increments using a systematic, step by step approach. As much as possible, we aim to explain things in everyday terms, give real life examples, and provide vocabulary and exercises with each lesson.

Latest Updates

Lesson 15 has been added! This lesson covers the present tense verb, both present simple and present continuous.

Features of This Site

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Features of LearnKurmanji.com


Systematic Approach

A systematic approach, beginning with the basic building blocks of Kurmanji and progressing to advanced structures and topics. It may be tempting to jump straight into the verb tenses, but you’ll regret it, especially if you skip over lessons 8-11!

Grammar in Everyday Language

Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. As much as possible, our lessons aim to explain how Kurmanji works in everyday terms. But on occasion, we’ll give some slightly fuller explanations for the grammar geeks as well.

Lots of Audio

Virtually every lesson includes audio of native speakers. Whether it’s vocabulary lists, example sentences, dialogues, or texts, you can hear the sounds of Kurmanji and download recordings for listening practice. Links for audio files are included on the Lessons page.


Ready-Made Flashcards

From our Quizlet account, we’ve made flashcards for most of our lessons. These are embedded in the lessons but can also be downloaded to smart phones and tablets via the Quizlet app, which is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store.

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Exercises for Practice

Applying what you study is the only way to learn, especially when it comes to language. Our lessons include exercises to encourage you to practice. These exercises, also done with Quizlet flashcards, allow you to create various types of tests for yourself and get immediate feedback which shows questions missed and correct answers. See this page for instructions on creating tests with these Quizlet exercises.


Texts and Dialogues

After laying some foundational building blocks, a number of lessons include texts and dialogues to help you learn everything in context. These texts cover a range of topics to build vocabulary and also focus on frequent use of grammar forms being taught. We also include audio recordings of these texts for listening practice.